Responsible Investment

Complying with legal requirements and global best practise.

Enviromental, social and governace

Comply with legal requirements and codes of best practise relating to:


Social and economic


Customer relationships


Good corporate citizenship


Labour and employment


The environment, health and public safety

We appreciate that ESG allows investment managers to reduce risk to investment asset valuations (short-termism, passing on externalities, etc), as well as potentially improve long-term risk adjusted returns, to meet beneficiary liabilities better.

Treating customers fairly

Clients come first.  Without clients, we have no business.  We are committed to fair treatment of all clients, irrespective of size or vehicle through which they access our investment products.

We have an unwavering commitment to building long-term sustainable client relationships and focus on producing investment performance over meaningful periods that meets our clients’ investment objectives and expectations.

We are uncompromising about applying ethics and good governance across our business.

Terebinth Capital has a clear, well-documented philosophy and process that is consistently applied across all portfolios. All portfolios reflect our best investment view at all times and the product range is regularly reviewed to check suitability for investors.

We engage with clients on an ongoing basis through various means (face-to-face, electronic, telephonic) and respond to all queries in the shortest possible time.  We aim to provide excellent levels of service to all our clients.

Terebinth Capital is dedicated to the protection of clients’ personal information and therefore ensures that business processes are protected through appropriate governance, controls and sufficient checks and balances.

Product performance and views are published weekly and monthly.