Opportunities are sought across the entire duration and credit spectrum to achieve our investment objectives.

Investment Funds

Fixed Income Macro Hedge Fund

Terebinth SNN Fixed Income Macro RHF is an award-winning South African domiciled, rand-denominated fixed income hedge fund, that focuses on macro strategies. Using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, opportunities are exploited across three disciplines to provide high return-to-risk ratios: structural, strategic and technical/tactical.

The return objective of the fund is to provide returns in excess of 5% over the benchmark on an average annual basis over rolling 36-month periods, with a low degree of volatility.

The fund is actively managed, with a keen focus on risk management and to provide investors with a high degree of confidence regarding liquidity.

Strategic Income Fund

Amplify Sanlam Collective Investments Strategic Income Fund is an actively managed, flexible fixed income fund that aims to provide a high level of income whilst maximising returns. The product range employs hedge fund operators in the long-only category to provide a different alpha signature to that of traditional investment houses.

Capital preservation is of primary importance in this product and diversification across high-yielding asset classes offers downside capital protection. The fund can invest up to 30% in offshore fixed interest instruments. The fund is Regulation 28 compliant. Superior returns are sought through tactical asset allocation and high-conviction strategies across the income-yielding universe, including corporate and government bonds, money market instruments, preference shares and listed property.

Opportunities are sought across the entire duration and credit spectrum. To achieve its investment objective, the investment manager may from time to time invest in financial instruments (derivatives) as allowed by the Act.

Enhanced Income Fund

The investment objective of the Terebinth Sanlam Collective Investments Enhanced Income Fund is to maximise total return (capital and income) on an absolute return basis, whilst seeking to provide capital protection during unfavourable market conditions.

The fund may invest in listed and unlisted corporate and government bonds, fixed deposits, negotiable certificates of deposit, inflation-linked bonds, commercial paper, as well as all other income-related products/securities categorised by regulations and updated as and when changes occur. This fund excludes investments in equities (listed property, preference shares).

The fund’s benchmark is the Alexander Forbes STeFI Composite Index and is lead-managed by Nomathibana Matshoba.



Money Market Fund

SNN Money Market Fund is an actively managed money market fund that seeks to preserve capital, ensure liquidity and provide attractive monthly returns. This fund aims to achieve a level of income above the STeFI Call deposit index.

The portfolio may invest in money market instruments issued by local and foreign banks, treasury bills by government institutions and public entities. Where the mandate allows, credit risk is taken judiciously by investing in select, liquid corporate and parastatal money market instruments.

All instruments included in the portfolio must have a maturity of no more than 13 months, with the average maturity not exceeding 120 days.