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Business Overview

Terebinth Capital is a South African based Investment Management company. This B-BBEE Level Two contributor currently manages six diversified strategies (Enhanced Income, Strategic Income, Money Market, Active Bond, FI Macro Hedge, Total Return), and in 2016 signed a joint venture agreement with X-Chequer Fund Management (Pty) Ltd to manage their fixed income pool of assets.

The company was founded in April 2013 and is 100% manager-owned. Opting for an outsourced business model, money and risk management is conducted in-house. Service level agreements with compliance, legal, management accounting, HR, IT, audit and regulatory consulting specialists ensures a global best-practice approach. This model creates scale, allowing front, middle and back office to live up to Terebinth Capital’s Vision – to deliver consistent, industry-leading, risk-adjusted returns for clients, being a natural home for ambitious, young and female talent.

Terebinth Capital (Pty) Ltd (FSP. 47909) is authorised under the Financial Advisory & Intermediaries Act 37 of 2002 to render investment management services and is proud to have received the 2017 award for the HedgeNews Africa Fixed Income Hedge Fund of the Year, as well as the 2018 HedgeNews Africa Single Manager Three-Year Performance Award. It has received numerous nominations for Overall Best Fund and Best Fixed Income Fund of the Year awards since its inception.