Responsible Investment

A commitment to comply with
legal requirements and global
best practices.

Our ESG Mission

Terebinth aims to deliver risk-adjusted returns that are consistent with our clients’ objectives, through an investment process that is designed to identify the medium- to long-term dynamics associated with sound governance and the sustainable utilisation of both human capital and natural resources. This ESG mission statement defines how we integrate ESG as follows:


Environmental impact refers to the ultimate impact that underlying assets and recipient processes, for which assets are applied, have on the environment.


Social impact refers to the combined social impact that Terebinth and underlying investments have. Our social impact largely relates to the impact on individual pensioners.


Governance refers to processes with which investments are managed and companies operate and whether these would limit the possibility of unfair and irresponsible dealings.

Terebinth’s Stance and Commitment

In our commitment to responsible investment, we follow the UNPRI principles on the following:


Incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes.


Be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices.


Seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest.


Promote acceptance and implementation of the Code within our industry.


Work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Code.


Report on our activities and progress towards implementing the Code.

Practical Implementation

Terebinth evaluates ESG factors from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective. The first step is to correctly identify medium-term themes that are likely to impact the global economy and financial markets. We believe that such analysis anchors sound investment decisions. A range of potential ESG-related risks and opportunities that could affect particular issuers and industries are considered.

As a result, we follow a phased approach to the implementation of the above intentions, distinguishing between them as follows:

General Environmental and Social Analyses

General Environmental and Social Analyses

Our ability to consider environmental and social impacts as part of decision making is dependent on the processes and breadth and depth of our investment universe.
Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Our long-term objective is to be able to measure the total impact of all organisations involved in the specific chain of investment to the ultimate recipient of funds. The short-term objective is to drive reporting in this area in pursuit of combined reporting and data for analysis purposes.
Social Impact

Social Impact

We distinguish between upstream and downstream social impact. Upstream social impact refers to the impact we have on our ultimate clients. Downstream social impact refers to the social impact of invested funds, i.e. the activities financed by our funds.


As a niche investment management business, we have actively created a strong governance framework for ourselves. This is prior to the introduction of CRISA and the amendment of Regulation 28 of the Regulations made under Section 36 of the Pension Funds Act, 1956 (as amended).

Treating Customers Fairly

Clients come first. Without clients, we have no business. We are committed to fair treatment of all clients, irrespective of size or vehicle through which they access our investment products. Focusing on building long-term sustainable client relationships and on producing investment performance over meaningful periods that meets our clients’ investment objectives and expectations.

We engage with clients on an ongoing basis through various means and respond to all queries in the shortest possible time. Terebinth Capital is dedicated to the protection of clients’ personal information and therefore ensures that business processes are protected through appropriate governance, controls and sufficient checks and balances. Product performance and views are published weekly and monthly.

ESG needs to be a tangible enabler of investment outcomes. We are a fiduciary to our clients – their interest comes first – always. We speak with the courage of our convictions. We have a responsibility to be the voice of investors, and we represent each client fairly and equally.

We appreciate that ESG allows investment managers to reduce risk to investment asset valuations (short-termism, passing on externalities, etc), as well as potentially improve long-term risk adjusted returns, to meet beneficiary liabilities better.

Proxy Voting and Policy Documents

Proxy voting policy

9 March 2022

Proxy voting summary table

16 August 2023


ESG in Emerging Markets: Social risks and challenges

4 July 2022

ESG Conference May 2022

4 July 2022

Our Socio-Economic Projects

Pedal Project

Pedal Project aims to develop and support at-risk and previously disadvantaged young people through mountain biking. This physical activity in the natural environment, paired with mental and emotional development opportunities, will encourage the formation of positive values and healthy habits and create resilient young people both on and off the bike. Terebinth Capital is a sponsor of the Pedal Project and we look forward to building an ongoing relationship.
“Sport can change
landscapes and create hope
where there was none.”

SAME Foundation (NGO)

The Foundation’s focus for strategic investment in education is predominantly on Science, Mathematics and Technology. Science and Maths education in South Africa is currently in a state of crisis. We are sponsors of Siyazingisa Primary school, situated in Gugulethu, working with the SAME Foundation to provide financial support to specific projects that benefit the school going forward.

Siyazingisa Primary School

Project: Computer Room
  • Renovated and secured
  • Accommodating a teacher and 40 learners
  • Fully equipped with E-learning according to the curriculum
  • Comprehensive training and monitoring of teachers
Project Beneficiaries: 1081 Black South African Children
  • 553 Male learners
  • 528 Female learners


Terebinth Capital contributes to the Fundisa Fund. The Fundisa Fund is the result of a public-private partnership between the Government and ASISA, representing the savings and investment industry. The objective of the Fundisa Fund is to encourage investors to save for the tertiary education of any South African child from a low-income household. This is accomplished through rewarding individuals on an annual basis who have saved through the Fundisa Fund with a grant bonus of 25% of their invested amount, which is capped at R600 per beneficiary. Fundisa savings can be used at a National Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) accredited public FET college or university.

The Pebbles Project Trust

Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project (HEAP) - Hermanus

The Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project (HEAEP) opened in January of 2017 and consists of an early childhood development centre focused on the growth and development of children aged 3 months and older and the very first Pebbles Academy which opened in 2019 after the closure of the local government school due to lack of funding which teaches grade R – grade 7.

The main emphasis is education. The project focuses on enriching the lives of disadvantaged children and families, the entire life of a child and the challenging circumstances they face.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Community
  • Protection

“A world of opportunities for empowered communities”