Erik Nel

Member of The Institute of Financial Markets (ICMQ)


Prior to pursuing his career objective of becoming a macro portfolio manager, Erik’s journey included portfolio management and macro strategy roles at Atlantic Asset Management, as well as various fixed income positions at RMB, Nedbank, and Coronation Capital.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to assist clients in securing their financial future, while at the same time living my career passion. Markets are challenging and it can sometimes be frustrating to try to solve an ever-changing puzzle, but the reward is seeing the difference we can make in people’s lives through sound stewardship of their finances. I also think it is important to give people hope. Even if it is only in a small way, I believe that Terebinth Capital strives to prove to all South Africans that our future as a country lies in being able to work together in an inclusive way. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion comes alive at Terebinth. Not only do we always put our customers first, but we also aim to set the industry standard in providing young talent with opportunities to excel and become owners of their destiny through a pay-it-forward approach.”